Employee access to open channels in ChatApp WEB and mobile application

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How to grant access to an employee in a ChatApp WEB or mobile application

You can grant access to an employee who is registered with the ChatApp service. Enter the employee's registration e-mail and click Grant Access.

After that, the employee will see a new channel in his ChatApp WEB or in a mobile application and will be able to work with the company's customers through the channel provided.

Access to channel
Access to channel
Employee access to Bitrix24 ChatApp WEB

By default, ChatApp WEB and all dialogs in Bitrix24 are available to all employees. In the Bitrix24 settings form, the administrator enters the password of the owner of all channels and licenses ChatApp, and employees in CRM have the same access as the administrator. If desired, access to channels to ChatApp WEB can be differentiated, for this purpose it is necessary to use the option "Request the Password for Access to ChatApp WEB"

Request for a password to access the ChatApp WEB