Smart mailing through messengers - WhatsApp and Telegram

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Send mailing only to a valid (loyal) customer base, your customers should not click buttons complaints.

During the demo period, such mailings cannot be done.

We know that messengers do not like mailing and spam, but how to notify our regular customers about important events and events is a topical question and therefore we tried to make the mailing process look like the work of a person, not a robot.

In Personal Account, Mailing menu - a module that allows you to make smart mailings to clients using messengers.

  1. Mailing on existing dialogs;
  2. Mailing by phone list;
  3. Substitution of phrases, generation of unique messages;
  4. Pause between messages;
  5. Working time. Setting up a work schedule to exclude night messages.
  • Telegram API is still in the works, therefore mailing temporarily works only on WhatsApp