Settings of the Automation rules

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To configure the Automation rules for the deal stage, lead, or task:

  1. On the Bitrix24 portal, go to
    • the "CRM" section on the Deals or Leads tab;
    • "Tasks and Projects" on the Tasks tab;
  2. In the area to the right, click Automation RulesAutomation rules
    ITS IMPORTANT! The Automation rules button is available in the Bitrix24 only on the certain tarifs - CRM+ (Without Workflow designer), Standard and Professional..
  3. In the window that opens, click Configure Automation rules. The button is displayed in the area to the right and under each stage. Congifure Automation rules
  4. Under the desired stage, click on the Add button and in the list that appears, click on Custom automation rules.
  5. Choose a robot:
    • [ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp] Check WhatsApp, if you need to determine whether the client has WhatsApp installed on the number specified in the contact card in CRM;
    • [ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp] Send a message if you need to send a standard text message to the client with or without a CRM document;
    • [ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp] Send a file if you need to send a file to the client from the Bitrix24 disk.
  6. The Automation rules settings window opens. The first three parameters are the standard parameters of all Bitrix24 automation rules. If necessary, specify:
    • when the automation rules should be executed: immediately, at a specific time, etc.;
    • whether the automation rule should be started only after the previous robot has been executed;
    • other conditions under which the automation rules must be executed. Detailed information about the standard parameters is written in the Bitrix24 help. Check
  7. Fill in the remaining fields of the form. For more information, see:
  8. Click on the Save button. The automation rules will appear under the stage.
  9. Save the settings on the automation rules page.