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Action in the Automation rules - [ChatApp для WhatsApp] Check WhatsApp is the WhatsApp identifier. Is created to check whether the client has WhatsApp before sending a message or file. The verification is performed by the number specified in the CRM contact card. The result of this action is usually used in the workflows or in the next actions in the automation rules.


Suppose you need to inform the customer that the product has been delivered to the pick-up point. To do this, send a message to WhatsApp if the client has the app installed. If there is no app, send the information in an SMS.

The procedure consists of sequential configuration:

  1. An action that checks whether the client has WhatsApp.
  2. An action that sends information in an SMS if WhatsApp is not installed.
  3. An action that sends a message to WhatsApp, if there is one.

ChatsApp Rules

Whatsapp determinant

  1. For example, at the Notification stage in the deal, add the action in Automation rules [ChatApp24 for WhatsApp] Check WhatsApp. To do this, use the standard configuration procedure of the action ChatApp24 in the Automation rules.
  2. Fill in the unique parameters of the Automation rules and save it.
Field Description Required ? Example
Phone Fill in the phone number of the client where you want to check for WhatsApp. You can use the format +79000000000 (Or another +number), but for the universal action of the automation rules recommended to use the fields from the CRM contact card. To specify multiple numbers, put a comma, space, or semicolon after each number. Examples of filling in the field for deals:
  • {{Contact: Phone (Text)}}. The automation rule will send messages to all the contact's phone numbers. {{Contact: Work Phone (Text)}}
  • The automation rule will send messages to the contact's work phone number. Example for leads: {{Contact: Phone (Text)}}
Yes WhatsApp Check
ID account Enter your СhatsApp24 account ID (Instance). See How to Find Your ChatApp Account ID for details. If you leave the field blank, the system uses the account number that is first in the list in the ChatApp settings.
Run as Specify an employee who has access to contacts, leads or deals Yes

Sending SMS

After the automation rule that checks if the client has WhatsApp, add an automation rule that will send SMS if WhatsApp isn't installed. To do this:

  1. Click on the Add button and in the list that opens, select the items For the employee → Send an SMS.
  2. In the window that opens, select the check box after the previous automation rule.
  3. In the Condition parameter, click on the [+] button and click on the no condition in link.
  4. In the window that opens:
    • in the first drop-down list, select the values Automation rules → [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Check WhatsApp → Number check result;
    • in the second field, select the value equals;
    • in the third field that appears, select No.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Fill in the remaining parameters and save the automation rule. For more information about the parameters of the Send SMS automation rule, see the help Bitrix24.

Settings check whatsapp

Sending a message to WhatsApp

After the automation rule to send SMS, add an automation rule that will send a message to WhatsApp, if it's installed. For more information, see the section "Sending a message".

In our example, the automation rule parameters of [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Send a message filled in as follows:

Settings send message