Mailing via WhatsApp Business API and CRM Marketing Bitrix24

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Marketing start, select SMS Campaing. You can select Messengers, but it this is limited to sending only on started chats.

CRM marketing

Select the ChatApp service from the list of services in Bitrix24.

select sms provider Bitrix24

In the sms text field, you must insert a WhatsApp template that can be copied from the list of personal account templates, from the Bitrix24 open line chat, or from ChatApp robots to Bitrix24 (see below page  for a copy of the code).

template meiling text
Select integration windows of ChatApp
Select template in chat
After selected template

Coping text

coping text of template

Then we go to the mailing in CRM marketing

Copy the template code from the robot ChatApp.

Selecting robot template message whatsApp
Selecting robot template message whatsApp

Select template

Select template in robot

Fill in the template

Fill in the template

Get code

Get code

Copy code

Copy code

We will use the code in the Crm marketing module