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IMPORTANT. Before you connect an AI chatbot to the Bitrix24 Open Channels, create an intent and use it to teach the chatbot to reply to several simple messages that customers may send. This is a required action to properly test and connect the chatbot to the Bitrix24 portal.

To connect a chatbot to Bitrix24, do the following:

  1. On the Dialogflow website, in the menu on the left, click Settings Button.png next to the chatbot name.
    MuBot En.png
  2. In the window that opens, in the Project ID field, click the link.
    Agent02 En.png
  3. On the Google Cloud Platform webpage that opens, hover the cursor over the IAM & Admin menu item, and then click Service Accounts.
    Agent2 En.png
  4. Click Create Service Account.
    Agent03 En.png
  5. On step one, specify a clear service account name and add a description if necessary. The Service account ID field will be filled in automatically. Account EN.png
  6. Click Create.
  7. On step two, in the Select a role drop-down list, type Dialogflow, and then select value Dialogflow API Client. Click Continue.
    JSON key En.gif
  8. On step three, leave the fields blank. Click Done.
  9. The new service account appears in the list. Open the account.
  10. In the Add Key drop-down list, select Create new key.
  11. In the dialog box that opens, select the JSON key type, and then click Create. As a result, the key will be generated and saved to a local folder on your computer.
  12. Go to the Bitrix24 portal, and then in the menu on the left, click BotApp24 for Open Channel.
  13. On the control panel, click button The settings of the bot.
  14. In the dialog box that opens, click Select a file, and then select the JSON key.
    Bot Settings En.png
  15. Click Refresh Key.
  16. In the bot settings dialog box, the new AI Status field group appears. In the DialogFlow drop-down list, select Switched on.
    IMPORTANT. If DialogFlow is enabled, regular expressions will not work.
    bot settings AI
  17. Default Fallback Intent and Default Welcome Intent are intents that are automatically added when creating a chatbot. To ensure proper operation of the chatbot, do not delete these intents in the Dialogflow editor. However, you can disable them in the chatbot settings. For that purpose, in the Default Fallback Intent, Default Welcome Intent drop-down list, select Switched off. As a result, the chatbot will reply only to the messages you’ve taught it to.
  18. Click Save. Close the dialog box.

After that, configure the Open Channel for the chatbot.