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ChatApp Web is a messenger that allows you to send messages to the WhatsApp account of a customer directly from the contact card in Bitrix24. You can use this option instead of the Bitrix24 chat. For example, do it if Open Channel is overloaded or unavailable. In such case, you couldn’t send messages to customers using the Bitrix24 chat. The message icon indicates an endless update instead of changing to statuses Sent Статус доставлено.png and Delivered Статус дотавлено2.png:


Advantages of ChatApp Web

  • ChatApp Web allows you to stay in touch with customers when Open Channel is unavailable.
  • Unlike the Bitrix24 chats, ChatApp Web contains closed conversations as well so that you can quickly remember the things you have already discussed with a customer, plan required work, or take up the thread of a conversation.
  • Each chat contains the full thread of your conversation with a particular customer. This also includes messages that you sent and received before installing the Bitrix24 CRM system and connecting to Open Channel. It means that you always have full history of communication with the customer at hand, which helps you to build a more personal engagement.
  • Appearance of ChatApp Web is very similar to the WhatsApp Web interface, which makes it easier for you to get onto the chat features.

How to Write Client Using WhatsApp Web Alternative Chat

  1. In the card of a contact, deal, or company, go to the ChatApp Web tab. You can find the tab in the top menu navigation bar or in the More drop-down list. Choosing Web-Chat ChatsApp.png
  2. If you have several WhatsApp accounts connected, then select the account from which you want to write
    Choosing an account in a web chat.png
  3. The chat with the customer specified in the selected CRM card appears. Write a message to and press ENTER. The sent message appears in the correspondence area.
    Open web chat.png
    TIP. If you’re writing to a customer that you have never communicated with before, then in your first message, clearly specify who you are and why you are writing. It is most likely that the customer doesn’t have your phone number in the contact list. Therefore, when the customer receives the message from you, WhatsApp will suggest him or her block your number or add it to the contact list. The customer will probably add your contact if he or she manages to quickly figure out who you are and the reason why you are have more than one channel ChatsApp24;
  4. You can send audio messages, images, and files in addition to text messages.
    Additional functions.png

Also, for a more comfortable use of the Web chat, you can open it in a separate tab, using this link

To enter, use the login and password from the Personal Account.

Another Way to Run ChatApp Web Alternative Chat

  1. In Bitrix24, in the menu on the left, select the ChatApp for WhatsApp menu item:
  2. In the dialog box, click button ChatApp WEB.
  3. In the chat window, in the area on the left, you can find names of the contacts with which all employees of your company communicate. The area on the right contains correspondence with a customer, but it is blank until select one. To write a particular customer, in the area on the left, click the contact’s name. After that, the contact gets green. In the area on the right, you’ll see the previous correspondence with the customer and the field in which you can type your message.

Synchronize Messages to Bitrix24 Chats

Messages sent via the alternative chat are synchronized to the Bitrix24 (Open Channel) chats and are marked as follows: