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IMPORTANT. You must be an administrator to install the application. Or you must have permission to install apps in your portal settings.

  1. On your Bitrix24 portal, go to the Applications section. Bitrix24.Market.
    If the Applications section does not appear in the menu on the left, look for it in the More list.
  2. Find the ChatsApp24 app. To do this, in the search bar, type the name of the application or word WhatsApp:
    Install gif.gif
  3. Find the app in the list and click View.
  4. In opened window click on Install button.
  5. View the information in the window that opens. Read the license agreement and privacy terms, then select the consent check boxes and click Install.
  6. When the installation is complete, the «Settings» window opens. To complete the * Account field, click the to request.
  7. A new browser tab opens the account request form. Enter your information and click Submit. In the Contact phone:* field, we recommend that you enter your company's phone number, not your personal number.
    Notification of the account connection will ChatsApp24 come to the specified email address. In addition, messages will come to the WhatsApp if it is set for the specified number. CAUTION: If a WhatsApp is not connected on the contact number, the system will require the contact phone number with the connected WhatsApp, this is necessary for timely notifications.
  8. While you are waiting for an email with your ChatsApp24 account information, close the settings window and go to the Contact Center section of the Bitrix24 menu.
  9. Кликните на плитку настроек ChatsApp24. Откроется окно:
  10. Click the Connect button. The message "ChatsApp24 activated" appears.
  11. When you receive email or WhatsApp notifications when your ChatsApp24 account is connected, return to the app settings window. To do this, select the "ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp" section from the menu on the left:
  12. The QR code appears in the window, the * Account field will be filled in automatically.
  13. Enter the company phone and select Open channel from the drop-down list.
  14. If you want to automatically send messages to customers from time to time, select the Use your account for WhatsApp newsletters check box.
  15. Leave the Called URL field blank. We'll return to this setting later.
  16. On the phone, open the WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) application, go to the settings and select WhatsApp Web, Scan QR code.
  17. In the Settings window, scan the QR code and click Save. If the installation is successful, messages will appear on the right:
  18. Next, set up your phone and Open channel.