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API ChatsApp is a tool with which you can establish integration between WhatsApp and any of your other systems: a corporate website, 1C, SAP, EDMS or your own development.

or example, using the API, you can:

  • develop an integration of WhatsApp with an online store and use it to send a message with a personal order code to the client in the messenger after placing an order;
  • add a button to the site that will open a dialogue with the courier, technical support or manager in WhatsApp;
  • set up integration with 1C in order to quickly send documents for payment to the client directly from the accounting system;
  • in the BPM system, create a stage in the business process at which the client will be asked for feedback or a request to take a survey via WhatsApp;
  • add a widget to the corporate portal that will allow you to contact any colleague via WhatsApp, wherever he is.

See API documentation for details.

Developers must create an APP ID for their applications