Authorization ChatApp in Telegram

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IMPORTANT! Set settings in Telegram:
  • Telegram/Settings/Privacy/Phone Number, set - My Contacts or All;
  • Don't use free proxy servers, messaging will be unstable, sometimes it's not possible at all. - Where to buy a private proxy? - We don't give such recommendations, please look in a search systems.
Connection with Telegram account

To link to your Telegram account:

  1. In the Personal account section Licence.
  2. Click button Telegram.
    Authorization Telegram
  3. In the window that opens, specify the phone number for which the Telegram account was created, and click the Check button.
    Check phone for Telegram
  4. A confirmation code will come to an app that has already signed in to your account. This can be a Telegram application on your phone or computer.
  5. Enter the code you received in your Personal Account and click Submit Code.
    Enter code Telegram
Account Lock

Multiple authorization attempts are fraught with account blocking, but in the official client you will still be able to communicate with your contacts.

The lock time is not known in advance.

Account Lock

As a result, a message will appear in the Personal Account that Telegram is successfully tied. The Telegram application will receive a message about logging into the account from a new device.

To sign in to multiple accounts, buy licenses.