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About Automation Rules App24.Online


Automation rules are available in the Bitrix24 only on the certain tariffs - CRM+ (Without Workflow designer), Standard and Professional.

Automation rules are algorithms that aim to simplify the processing of leads and transactions, as well as the execution of tasks and business processes. In the Bitrix24, deals have stages, leads have statuses, and tasks have stages. They are customized to the specifics of your company, so they may look different. Examples:

Lead statuses

Lead statuses

Deal stages

Transaction stages

Task stages

Task stages

The stage (status, stage) is the moment at which the transaction, communication with the client, task or business process is currently located. Later in the text, we'll use only the word "stage" for simplification.

Usually, at each stage, employees perform certain actions: plan calls, send emails, prepare reports, send notifications about the status of work to the manager, etc. With the help of automation rules, the system can be configured so that some of these actions are performed without human intervention. For more information about standard robots and their use, see the Bitrix24 help.

After installing ChatsApp24, you get free application actions that can:

The following help sections briefly describe how to configure each application action, and examples of when application actions can be useful. We recommend that you try using workwlow designer in the automation rules. In this way, you'll learn in practice whether automation rules can speed up the processing of leads, tasks, and transactions in your company.