Notifications in the automation rules

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To make sure that the ChatApp automation rule has completed the necessary actions, we recommend setting up automatic notifications when the automation rule completes its work.

Let's say we created a robot that sends a message with a track number to the client at the delivery stage. To find out that the message is exactly sent:

  1. Under the ChatApp automation rule, click the Add button and select For Employee → Notification in the list that appears. Notification.png
  2. Specify that the automation rule should be started immediately after the previous one. That is, in the Run parameter, specify Immediately and select the check box after the previous automation rule. Notification settings
  3. Fill in the message text field. To do this, click on the three dots next to the field and select Automation rules → [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Send a message → The result of sending a message.
  4. In the Recipient field, specify who to send the notification to, for example, the person responsible for the deal.
  5. Click on the Save button.

The notification about the results of the automation rules work on sending the file is added in the same way, only when filling out the message text, you need to select Automation rules [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Send file The result of sending file.