Automation rule for sending messages on WhatsApp

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Automation rule [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Send Message is designed to automatically send customers regular text messages or messages with attached CRM documents.

For an example of sending a message with a document, see the section "Sending a CRM document".

Example of sending a message without a document

Let's assume that after sending the order, the automation rule writes to the customer in WhatsApp the track number for tracking.

To do this:

  1. Add an automation rule [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Send message for a deal, for example at the Delivery stage. Use the standard ChatApp automation rules configuration procedure.
  2. Fill in the parameters as shown in the figure in the table below and save the automation rule.
  3. So that after sending the message, the person responsible for the transaction receives a notification, set up another automation rule. This way you can find out if an error occurred during the sending.

The parameters of the automation rule

Field Description Required? Example
Phone Fill in the phone number of the client where you want to check for WhatsApp. You can use the format +79000000000 (Or another +number), but for the universal action of the automation rules recommended to use the fields from the CRM contact card. To specify multiple numbers, put a comma or semicolon after each number. Examples of filling in the field for deals:
  • {{Contact: Phone (Text)}}. The automation rule will send messages to all the contact's phone numbers. {{Contact: Work Phone (Text)}}
  • The automation rule will send messages to the contact's work phone number. Example for leads: {{Contact: Phone (Text)}}

Example for leads: {{Contact: Phone (Text)}}

Message The text message that the automation rule will send to the contact Yes
ID account Enter your СhatsApp24 account ID (Instance). See How to Find Your ChatApp Account ID for details. If you leave the field blank, the system uses the account number that is first in the list in the ChatApp settings
CRM document ID The ID of the document that the automation rule will send to the client in a message. For details, see "Submitting a CRM Document".
Document format Format of the document. Possible values: PDF and DOCX. For more details see "Sending a CRM Document".
See in open channels Possible values: Yes and No. When enabled, messages sent by the automation rule will appear in the chats of Open channels. If the option is disabled, messages will appear only in the contact, lead or deal card in the comments area.
Run as Specify an employee who has access to contacts, leads or deals. Yes