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IMPORTANT. To install the app, you must be an administrator of the portal or you must have a permission to install apps configured in the portal settings.

  1. On your Bitrix24 portal, click the Applications menu item. After that, Bitrix24.Market will open.
    If you do not see the Applications item in the menu on the left, click More, and then search for the item in the extended list.
  2. Find app ChatsApp24. In the search bar, type ChatsApp24 or WhatsApp:
    Install gif.gif
  3. Find the app in the list, and then click View.
  4. In the dialog box that opens, click Install.
  5. In the dialog box that opens, read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Select the checkboxes, and then click Install.
  6. After the app is installed, the Settings window opens. To request an account to fill in the *Account filed, click the to request link.
  7. The account request form opens in a new browser tab. Fill in the fields, and then click Send.
    In the *Phone field, we recommend that you specify the phone number of your company, not your personal one. When your ChatsApp24 account is active, you’ll receive a notice on the specified email. If your phone number is tied to a WhatsApp account, you’ll receive a message in WhatsApp as well. IMPORTANT. If you specify a phone number that is not associated with a WhatsApp account, the system will ask you to specify another number. The phone number must be tied to WhatsApp since it is required to promptly send notices.
  8. It takes some time before you receive an email with your ChatsApp24 account information. In the meantime, close the Settings window, and then in the Bitrix24 menu, click the Contact Center menu item. In the app tile, click ChatsApp24.
  9. In the window that opens, click Connect:
    You’ll see message “ChatsApp24 activated”.
  10. When you receive an email or a WhatsApp message that your ChatsApp24 account is active, open the app settings again. In the menu of the left, click the ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp menu item, and then click Settings:
  11. In the Settings window, the QR code appears and the *Account field is filled in automatically.
  12. In the Company phone in WhatsApp field, specify the phone number of your company. In the Open channel drop-down list, select Open Channel.
  13. To automatically send messages to your customers on a regular basis, select the Use your account for WhatsApp newsletters checkbox.
  14. Leave the Called URL field blank.
  15. On your phone, run WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, and then in the app settings, click WhatsApp Web.
  16. In the Settings window, scan the QR code, and then click Save. In case the app is configured successfully, you’ll see the following message:
  17. After that, configure your phone and the Open Channel.