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ChatApp is an app that establishes a connection between the WhatsApp account of your company and the Bitrix24 corporate portal. That way your employees can communicate with customers using familiar chats in Bithrix24. At the same time, customers receive messages in WhatsApp, which is more convenient for them.

We offer a two-day free trial during which you can give a try to ChatApp with no limits. After that, you’ll need to acquire a license for one month or for a longer period. For more information about licensing, rates, and prices, see topic “Rates and Prices”.

We developed this Help and video tutorials so that you can quickly get acquainted with the app features. Before you start using the Help, we recommend that you read the main terms used in documentation.

Before you install and start your work in ChatApp, read the full text of the “End User License Agreement”. The Agreement has the following main provisions:

  • ChatApp is one of the App24.online services. The app is not an official WhatsApp Business API integration solution. Personnel of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram do not take part in the development of the app.
  • By scanning the QR code while configuring the app, you agree to grant access to your WhatsApp account information.
  • It is prohibited to send spam messages using the app.
  • Personnel of App24.online have the right to disable your access to the app in case of a violation of the End User License Agreement terms or requirements to content of messages.

If you have not found required information in the Help, contact our support team.

Enjoy using a new tool for productive communication!